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Welcome to Nils Thuerey's homepage

Currently, I am Assistant Professor at [TU Munich]. Before that I was at [ETH Zurich], and [ScanlineVFX]. My CV can be found [here], and below are some publication stats ([full list]):
- Google scholar
- Microsoft academic
- DBLP Bibliography

- 2015-03-28: Conditionally accepted at SIGGRAPH: our stream function solve for liqduis
- 2015-02-04: Our dimension-reduced pressure solve for Eurographics'15 is up.
- 2014-06-20: SIGGRAPH'14 paper links are up [here]
- 2014-04-10: Update for the Turbulent Fluids Eurographics tutorial
- 2013-01-01: Our wavelet turbulence won an "tech-oscar", yay :)

ERC StG realFlow

Contact: "nils (at) thuerey.de".